Piano Lessons in Bellingham, WA

Ben Rosenblatt

One of our teachers that offers piano lessons in Bellingham, WA

Master's Degree: Piano Performance, Bachelors Degree: Piano Performance

Ben Rosenblatt began studying music at the age of 10 after falling in love with the music from Phantom of the Opera. He earned his bachelor's degree in Piano Performance from Gonzaga University in 2010 while studying with Greg Presley, and earned his master's degree in Piano Performance from Western Washington University in 2015 while studying with Jeff Gilliam. Ben enjoys teaching even more than he enjoys performing, and he has over 10 years of experience teaching students of all ages. Ben currently teaches lessons in Skagit and Whatcom Counties

Amelia Nye


Bachelors Degree: Piano Performance

Amelia Nye began her piano studies at the age of 5 after being inspired by an exceptional church piano accompanist. She began teaching piano lessons in her hometown of Port Orchard when she was just 16, and 4 years later moved to Western Washington University to pursue a degree in piano performance. Amelia graduated from Western Washington University in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in piano performance, studying under Milica Jeleca-Jovanovic and Kay Zavislak.  Amelia currently teaches in Whatcom and Skagit County.

Aya Chen


TRAINING: Cello, Piano

Master Degree: Cello Performance, University of Missouri-Columbia

Bachelor of Music: National Pingtung University of Education


Chiao-Yen "Aya" Chen has had a lifetime involvement with music, cello, and piano. Ms. Chen grew up in Pingtung, Taiwan. In junior high and high school, she was selected for the Music Gifted Program. Her focus has been cello and piano performance. 

Ms. Chen has a Bachelor of Music from the National Pingtung University of Education. Her major was cello performance with a minor in piano performance. After finishing college, Ms. Chen went to America for graduate study at the University of Missouri, on full scholarship. There she continued her studies in cello performance and music education. In 2014, Ms. Chen got her Master degree from University of Missouri-Columbia with the outstanding cello student award. 

Ms. Chen has several music related awards, including First Prize in the Seidof Music Competition in Kaohsing, Taiwan and Second Prize in the National Student Music Competition in Pingtung, Taiwan. Ms. Chen has been performing publicly since 2001. Ms. Chen attended the Yellow Springs Chamber Orchestra and Bemidji Symphony Orchestra. She also played in the University of Missouri String Quartet.

Ms. Chen's teaching experience is wide and diverse. She has taught cello, music theory, and music history at an indigenous elementary school in Taiwan. She also taught piano and worked as an accompanist at Benmidji State University and the Headwaters School of Music and Art in Minnesota. She has taught students with a wide range of experience of all ages, from as young as kids aged 3 to adult. 

Ms. Chen is enthusiastic about teaching students with any level of experience and is able to offer lessons for cello, piano, music theory and music history in both English and Mandarin. 

陳老師在台灣屏東市出生長大。陳老師5歲的時候開始學鋼琴, 12歲開始學大提琴。 陳老師國 中時考上國立中正國中音樂班, 並曾到加拿大麥基爾大學參加音樂營,與麥基爾大學交響樂團合 作演出。 陳老師高中考上屏東女中音樂班, 並在2006年參加希朵夫音樂比賽, 拿下音樂班組大 提琴第一名。 同年陳老師考上國立屏東教育大學。 2007年, 陳老師參加全國學生音樂比賽, 拿 下音樂系組大提琴第二名。 2010年, 陳老師以優秀第一名成績畢業。 隨後陳老師得到密蘇里 大學全額獎學金, 並於2011年時來到美國攻讀研究所。 在攻讀研究所的期間, 陳老師被選進密 蘇里大學弦樂四重奏, 並多次公開演出。 2014年, 陳老師畢業於密蘇里大學並獲得最優秀大提 琴學生獎。 陳老師畢業後, 回到台灣, 曾任教於原住民小學, 教受大提琴、 樂理、 聽寫。 2015 年, 陳老師回到美國, 曾參加過Yellow Springs室內樂樂團。 2017年搬到明尼蘇達州, 任教於 Bemidji State University, 教受鋼琴和幫聲樂組學生班奏。 陳老師的演奏經驗長達20多年, 也教 過各個年齡層的學生, 從最小的3歲到成人學生都有教學經驗。 陳老師教授鋼琴、大提琴、樂 理, 英語和中文雙語教學。

Joanna Zagelow


Nationally Certified Piano Teacher:
Music Teachers National Association

Joanna Zagelow’s piano career started when she was only five years old.  In 1996 she opened her own piano studio with great success and became a full time piano teacher. Joanna has always had a dedication to being the best teacher she can be and in 2008 she received the honor of becoming state and nationally certified with the Music Teachers National Association.  Joanna has studied with Linda Wilson, Shirley Haley, and Nancy Wilson. Joanna is an active member of the Skagit Valley chapter of the Music Teacher Association.  Joanna teaches in Skagit and Whatcom Counties.

Jaemee Kim


Bachelors Degree: Piano Performance

Jaemee Kim is a pianist and teacher and  earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Western Washington University. Jaemee has been a featured pianist at music festivals and was a finalist at the WWU Concerto Competition. Since 2010, aside from performing, Jaemee has developed a wide range of teaching skills through her interactions with students. As a music instructor, Jaemee hopes to inspire students to find joy in learning music as well as in sharing music with others. She prioritizes understanding each of her individual students' ways of learning and to spark their creativity as music makers.  Jaemee teaches in both Whatcom and Skagit Counties.